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Painting for me is an act that comes from within, from my soul; and my work is the result. To give life to an idea or a subject through water and color fascinates me. I am first and foremost passionate about the medium that is watercolor and it is through this art that I have discovered the world of creation. I love life, human beings and nature... the untouched landscape and its scent, its mountains, its birds. They fascinate me; I try to capture their movements, their lightness and even express their freedom.

Diane Boilard, watercolorist
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9 September 2021

Stage d'Aquarelle 4 journées /1 fois par mois/ LES JEUDIS Gr:2

Workshop September 9 2021 09:30 - December 9 2021 00:16 QUÉBEC , Sillery LE MONTMARTRE

Différents sujets et techniques d'exploration et d'expérimentation en Aquarelle. Approche pédagogique qui vise à développer l'autonomie et la créativité en intégrant des bases fondamentales.
Une démonstration à chacune des rencontres . Information et inscription : dianeboilardsca@icloud.com
ou par téléphone (418) 952-1068

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